Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 50

In today’s world, men can still be at their peak after 50. Exercise, diet, and fun still play a large part in our lives. As we age, we learn more about our bodies too. But not every man understands how integral testosterone is to his health. Even fewer know what they can do to keep it flowing strong.

Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 50

Low testosterone issues

Testosterone is what makes us muscular, lean, and fit as young men.

Unfortunately, though, the integral male sex hormone depletes as we age. Whereas production was once at a constant high in our 20’s, after 50, it’s been falling for over a decade.

As men hit the 30-40 mark, their masculine hormone production slows. Every year it becomes less active too, as the signs of lower testosterone begin to show [1].

One paper published in the Clinical Endocrinology journal confirmed healthy men over 40 can have testosterone as low as 242 ng/dL. Unfortunately, this amount falls below the average baseline of 280 ng/dL and is considered clinically low [2].

Reduced muscle mass alongside increased body fat can soften our physiques. Brain fog clouds our cognitive function and sexual performance also takes a hit. In short, lower levels of testosterone begin to impact our well-being.

Because of this, many men turn to testosterone boosters for support. Unlike dangerous, anabolic drugs, testosterone boosting supplements are legal and widely-used.

Put plainly, they’re nutrient-based support complexes, forged from handpicked ingredients that can promote men’s health.

Man over 50 holding kettlebell showing signs of high testosterone
What is testosterone anyway?

Testosterone is an integral and powerful androgen hormone. Biologists say it’s created inside the testes and is responsible for the many masculine traits you possess.

Women make testosterone too, but in much smaller amounts. Therefore, men are typically bigger, stronger, more muscular, and have denser bones. The hormone is also the reason why boys develop deeper voices and body hair during puberty, before turning into assertive, grown men.

This is a list of traits commonly attributed to testosterone:

  • Sperm quality
  • Sex drive – libido
  • Sexual performance
  • Bone density
  • Body fat storage
  • Lean mass development
  • Male puberty – maturation of male sex organs, body hair growth, deepening of voice, assertiveness etc.
  • Red blood cell production – energy
  • Mood and well-being

One thing to understand is that not all men produce the same amounts of testosterone. In fact, degrees of androgen hormone production can vary within the same age group. Just like all men are unique, their testosterone levels are as well.

Healthy testosterone levels

However, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center the regular range is anywhere between 280 and 1,100 ng/dL. As you have likely felt, you’re usually at your testosterone producing peak during your 20s [3].

The natural process of age-related decline takes place between 30 and 40. At this point a man’s testes start to produce less of the masculine hormone the older they get.

For the over 50 man, this is an unfortunate reality we face. But one way we can combat the decline is with a high-quality hormone support supplement. So, without further hesitation, here are the best testosterone boosters for men over 50.

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Best testosterone booster supplements for men over 50

Bottle and box of Prime Male. the best testosterone booster for men over 50

#1 – Prime Male

Prime Male is a testosterone boosting supplement created for the 30+ man. Within it are 12 hand-picked, natural ingredients, selected specifically for men in this age group.

One thing Prime Male isn’t is a young men’s bodybuilding booster. It wasn’t created for athletes in their 20s to simply look better. Instead, Prime Male considers the health and wellbeing of older men looking reclaim their youth.

Prime Male’s creators, Propura, understand that men over 30 care about more than just their physique. We believe this testosterone booster’s all-natural ingredient choice reflects this too.

Propura say Prime Male is set to address the three biggest barriers to healthy testosterone production:

  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Sex hormone binding globulin
  • Female hormones estrogen and prolactin

One noteworthy advocate of Prime Male is the Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren. Best known for his roles in classic action movies, the on-screen star said Prime Male helped him get back to prime shape. Energy was the first benefit he felt, followed by better recovery and libido.

When we reviewed Prime Male’s supplement profile, we saw how this would be possible. Not only are the natural ingredients served generously, but they’re backed by scientific studies also.

As a result, users who reclaim their testosterone health should experience:

  • Strength increases
  • Mental clarity
  • Recharged libido
  • More energy
  • Tighter, healthier skin
  • Reclaimed muscle
  • Reduced body fat

To better understand these benefits, we’ll now break down Prime Male’s main ingredients.

 What’s in Prime Male?

D-Aspartic Acid

D-AA is an amino acid that’s important for supporting testosterone synthesis inside Leydig cells [4]. It does this by encouraging the production of Luteinizing hormone.

According to one paper, supplementing with D-AA can deliver testosterone boosting benefits to both infertile men and athletes. While it’s proven to help some users increase sperm quality, it’s also been shown to aid athletes in adding muscle [5].

Vitamin D-3

Also known at the sunshine vitamin, D3 is generated when sunlight comes into contact with your skin. Yet, recent research has revealed that around one billion of earth’s population are D3 deficient [6].

What’s also alarming is that scientists have connected vitamin low levels of D3 with low testosterone [7]. However, men who absorb enough of the vitamin appear to have more success in increasing muscle mass, bone density, and energy [8] [9] [10].


According to Propura, BioPerine® improves the availability of other Prime Male ingredients by up to 20 times.

Clinical studies suggest this should be possible due to the ingredient increasing the absorption rates of other nutrients [11]. Therefore, BioPerine® is apparently featured in Prime Male to speed up testosterone restoration.

Vitamin B6

B6 is a vitamin that excites androgen receptors, which encourages the testes to push testosterone into the bloodstream. According to scientists, deficiency in vitamin B6 has been connected to reduced rates of testosterone synthesis [12].

Researchers also suggest that men with B6 levels below baseline are 3.5 times more likely to experience a greater rate of cognitive decline over a four-year follow-up period [13]. Not only that, but higher B6 levels may reduce estrogen (the female sex hormone) by up to 30% [14].


Boron is a micronutrient which benefits the metabolism. Described as an impressive trace mineral by researchers, it’s been shown to improve the body’s use of both testosterone and vitamin D [15].

Another one of Boron’s abilities is to improve how the body processes magnesium. This is an essential mineral that’s also present in the Prime Male formula, which is integral for healthy testosterone production [16].


Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin D3 5000 IU 833
Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7) 45 mcg 50
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5 phosphate) 7.5 mg 577
Magnesium (as magnesium citrate) 100 mg 24
Zinc (as zinc citrate) 30 mg 273
D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate 1600 mg **
Asian Red Ginseng 4:1 extract (root) 120 mg **
Luteolin 60 mg **
Mucuna Pruriens (seed) Ext. (standardized to 15% levadopa) 300 mg **
Nettle Root 10:1 extract 160 mg **
BioPerine® 10 mg **
Boron (as boron amino acid chelate) 5 mg **


How to take Prime Male

Like many high-quality testosterone boosters, Prime Male spreads its servings throughout the day. Men who take it are instructed to consume four, single capsules in one 24-hour window.

Every capsule should also be taken with food. Depending on what is convenient for you, it might be a snack or meal.

With this in mind, we recommend the following serving pattern:

  • Your first capsule with breakfast
  • Second with lunch
  • The third mid-afternoon
  • Capsule four alongside an evening meal

Our review team see this approach to serving as an intelligent decision. We believe it should give the body access to a steady stream of nutrients that will maintain higher testosterone levels, rather than delivering a single spike.

Cheaper, lower-quality alternatives often single-serve their ingredients. Prime Male, however, supplies constant support throughout the day.

What are people saying about Prime Male?

Prime Male has long-since established itself as a reputable supplement. Because of this, many supplement reviewers have published their opinions online.

When our own team visited these sites, they saw a positive response. A heavy majority of men held Prime Male in a good light and were impressed by its ingredient formula.

Here are a few short excerpts taken from online reviews:

  • – “…if you’re after the best product for testosterone then Prime Male should be your first choice among many.”
  • – “We like this supplement a lot and rate it as one of the best products for older men around at the moment.”
  • – “We think that this is one of the best supplements on the market for older guys who are looking to make a change.”
  • – “The over 30 booster market might be a crowded one, but in our opinion Prime Male tops them all.”

An important thing to mention is that every reviewer pointed out Prime Male’s price. While all agreed it wasn’t the cheapest, it’s still good value for money. We also agree that Prime Male’s cost reflects its premium supplement status and quality.

To see first-hand user testimonials, visit the Prime Male website here.


  • All-natural ingredient formula
  • Research backed
  • Engineered for 30+ men
  • No proprietary blends
  • Smart four-capsule serving
  • Estrogen blocking substances
  • Libido enhancing


  • Higher price tag
  • Only available direct from manufacturer
  • Capsules not vegetarian or vegan friendly

Final word on Prime Male

Prime Male is a premium quality testosterone booster engineered for men over 30. As a supplement, it says it can help men reclaim their hormone health and reinvigorate their well-being.

Each red capsule consists of 12, all-natural ingredients. They’re free from proprietary blends too, meaning they contain no fillers or hidden chemicals. Everything in Prime Male is placed there to be beneficial for men over 30.

One standout aspect behind Prime Male is its scientific backing. When we carried out this review our team didn’t struggle to find evidence that supports each ingredient.

However, as a team we did find one drawback with Prime Male. The price could be seen as high, however, we don’t see it as overpriced due to its high-grade quality. Propura’s efforts to keep their product natural and manufactured to professional standards shows here.

Conclusion – Prime Male is our number one supplement for men over 50 for many reasons. It’s the most well-rounded, energy driven booster systematically engineered for this age group.


Quantity USD ($) GBP (£) Shipping
1 bottle $69 £39 $7.95/£3.95
2 bottles $138 £78 Free to USA & UK
3 bottles + 1 free bottle $207 £117 Free Worldwide


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Prime Male FAQs

Where can you buy Prime Male?

At the time of writing, Prime Male is only available direct from the manufacturer. After speaking to supplement companies in the past we know this is for many reasons.

The first and most important is quality checks. By removing any third parties and handling their stock themselves, brands like Propura can ensure they’re in complete control of what product customers receive. This allows them to ensure that only the latest formulas and batches leave their shelves.

Secondly, direct to customer contact can often help customer service teams. Because there is no secondary seller, buyers speak straight to creators.

However, there is a potential downside to direct selling as companies can control a fixed price. This might not be beneficial if you prefer bargain hunting.

Is Prime Male safe to use?

After reviewing Prime Male out research team said it should be safe to use. No ingredients were an immediate risk, and serving sizes were sensible.

The fact that Prime Male is also manufactured to good standards in the UK and USA adds to its safety score. Unfortunately, some supplement brands make their products in countries where regulations as less strict. This significantly increases the risk of cross-contamination and side-effects.

Prime Male also offer a well-planned out serving guide. Therefore, following manufacturer guidelines when taking this testosterone booster is strongly advised. Failure to do so may lower its high safety score.

Is Prime Male legal?

Yes, Prime Male is legal. As a hormone supporter, it’s made with safe, natural ingredients. No part of Prime Male is an illegal substance.

The three testosterone boosters on this list are legal dietary supplements. They should not be confused with illegal substances or anabolic steroids.

Is Prime Male good value for money?

Because Prime Male is a premium quality supplement, we believe it is good value for money. The price Propura ask for the product is reflected in what the buyers receive.

When we assess value for money we cross-compare ingredient choice, effectiveness, and safety. Prime Male scored highly in these three things which makes it worth a higher monetary value.

In short, yes Prime Male is good value for money. While it isn’t the cheapest supplement, the price is fair considering its superior quality.

Does Prime Male really work?

After inspecting the scientific research behind each ingredient, we say Prime Male should work. Each inclusion has been proven to benefit either testosterone or other aspects of men’s health.

However, the effectiveness of Prime Male can be impacted by outside influences.

Men who lead an unhealthy lifestyle may blunt Prime Male’s effects. Testosterone is very sensitive to the likes of poor diet, bad sleep, and stress, even with a booster.

Similarly, men with lower levels of testosterone might experience more benefits than those with healthier amounts

Can men over 60 use Prime Male?

Prime Male was originally developed for all men over 30. So, yes, men over 60 can use it too.

As a natural testosterone booster, no ingredients should pose a risk to men over 60. They should also be effective for this age group, as nothing is proven to only benefit younger people.

Supplementing with certain minerals such as vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc can all be beneficial for men over 60. The likes of IC3 and Boron may also help stave off certain cancers or illnesses.

We always recommend confirming your plans with a medical professional before starting a new supplement.

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.


Four bottles of Hunter Test

#2 – Hunter Test

Hunter Test is one of the newest testosterone boosters in the field. Yet, after only entering the arena in the finale of 2018, it’s made a considerable impact.

Much like Prime Male, Hunter’s flagship testosterone booster is developed for the 30+ man. More specifically, this supplement is aimed at high-achieving, ambitious professionals, and the lifestyle they lead.

According to our research Hunter Test should:

  • Increase energy
  • Boost confidence
  • Raise motivation
  • Reinvigorate libido and sexual performance
  • Enhance physical appearance

Hunter know men of this caliber expect more from a testosterone booster. They have more goals in mind beyond a tighter physique. Instead, their support complex is tailored to suit the demands of busy professionals at the peak of their career.

When compared to other, new hormone supporters, Hunter Test impressed the most. Each ingredient has scientific studies to bolster its effectiveness and the serving sizes are beyond generous. Hunter Test’s formula is cutting-edge and up-to-date too.

To further understand what made Hunter Test capture our attention we must look at its key ingredients. Here are the main players from Hunter Test’s profile.

What’s in Hunter Test?

D-Aspartic Acid

Scientists suggest that D-AA encourages testosterone synthesis inside the Leydig cells [4]. Therefore, it’s a common ingredient found in hormone support supplements.

Testosterone increases have been detected in both impotent men and athletes who took D-AA. Whereas the impotent men showed increased semen quality, the athletes increased their ability to build muscle [5].

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone that can boost testosterone production. Alarmingly though, over one billion people on the planet are deficient in vitamin D [17].

This is mostly due to busy lifestyles restricting sun exposure, which is needed to generate the nutrient. Yet, men who supplemented with 3,332 IU every day for a year saw a 20% increase in their testosterone production [18].


Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) is a substance that occurs naturally in cruciferous vegetables. According to research, I3C can restrict the effects of estrogen, which allows testosterone to work more freely [19].

Plus, as well as restricting estrogen, I3C has been shown to protect against certain cancers. This is a trait we believe to be important to the health of men over 50 [20].


Zinc is a known essential mineral that is integral to male health. Among many of its roles is enabling better androgen flow into the bloodstream. As a result, researchers believe Zn to be integral for modulating serum testosterone levels [21].

Studies into Zn supplementation suggest it can increase amounts of free testosterone in men [22] and male fertility [23].


Just like Zinc, Magnesium is another mineral essential for masculine wellbeing. It’s vital for over 300 biochemical reactions inside the body, including muscle maintenance [24].

Research also indicates that magnesium has a positive influence on testosterone status [25]. Therefore, the combination of promoting testosterone while preventing muscle loss, makes Mg integral for men over 50.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha has been used in traditional medicine for over 3000 years by indigenous cultures. Today, many people use it as a way to treat anxiety, depression, and subdue stress [26].

Today’s scientists believe this herb boosts testosterone by blocking cortisol. This is a hormone induced by stress, which studies show can negatively impacts testosterone levels [27] [28].

Furthermore, the benefits of Ashwagandha include increased muscle mass and strength [29]. This is something highly supportive for busy, successful men over 50.


Ingredients Amount Per Serving % Daily Value (based on 2,000 calorie diet)
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 5000 IU 1,250
Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone 7) 150 mcg 188
Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) 200 mg 50
Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate) 30 mg 200
D-Aspartic Acid 3000 mg **
Asian Ginseng (Panax Ginseng Root) 300 mg **
Ashwagandha Extract (Withania somnifera root) 3000 mg **
Indole-3-Carbinol 200 mg **
Boron (as boron amino acid chelate) 10 mg **
    ** Daily Value not established


How to take Hunter Test

Out of all the supplements we examined, Hunter Test had the largest serving size. Manufacturer guidelines say users should take six capsules per day.

Our team felt that this was one of the best methods we reviewed. Spreading more capsules throughout the day allows for stronger individual servings and a consistent supply of ingredients.

Therefore, we suggest following the serving plan every day.

Going off-plan may impact this supplement’s performance.

Hunter Test’s creators say you should take three, two-capsule servings every day. Therefore, we recommend the following pattern:

  • Capsules one and two with breakfast
  • A second pair at lunch
  • Your final two with an evening meal

What are people saying about Hunter Test?

Despite being a relative newcomer, Hunter Test has many online reviews. Our team believes this may be because of Hunter Test’s unique status as a supplement for high-achievers.

A heavy majority of opinions point out Hunter Test’s ingredient potency, alongside high-quality craftmanship and cutting-edge formula.

Here are four statements taken from online reviewers:

  • “This is a product for older men with busy lives who want to “steal an edge” on their rivals. Its classy branding screams “premium” – and it suggests Hunter Test is a testosterone booster for men who have both the budget and the need for a higher-quality product.”
  • – “If you are already making improvements to your lifestyle, Hunter Test could be a great addition. It offers credible testosterone boosters that work along more than one bio-pathway, contains a huge [serving] of D-AA, and includes pretty decent [servings] of the rest.”
  • – “We feel that Hunter Test is one of the strongest products on the market in this category right now.”
  • – “Hunter Test uses a ‘premium’ grade formula, and it carries a more expensive price tag than any of the other supplements on this list.”

Almost all reviewers mention the premium price of Hunter Test as a possible downside.

We cannot say that Hunter Test will fit every man’s budget. However, the high-grade and craftmanship justifies the ask in our opinion.


  • Potent formula
  • Ingredients supported by scientific research
  • Clinical serving sizes
  • Free from proprietary blends
  • No fillers
  • All-natural formula
  • High-degree of safety
  • 90-day guarantee


  • Only available from manufacturer
  • Premium price-tag
  • Capsules not vegan or vegetarian

Final word on Hunter Test

Hunter Test takes second place despite being a newcomer to the market. It’s premium-quality and potent formula impressed our team at every stage of the review. This is a supplement tailored for the ambitious high-achiever, and it shows.

At nine-ingredients strong, Hunter Test is streamlined. There are no filler ingredients pushed in to bolster its mix. Instead, Hunter take the opposite approach and deliver a six-capsule daily serving. This allows the user to experience a stronger supplement for their money.

Conclusion – if Hunter Test is in your price range opt for this premium choice. Not only does it feature a comprehensive formula for the 50+ male, but in generous quantaties too.


Quantity USD ($) GBP (£) Shipping
1 bottle $75 £55 $7.95/£3.95
2 bottles $150 £110 Free to USA & UK
3 bottles + 1 free bottle $225 £165 Free Worldwide


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Where can you buy Hunter Test?

At the time of writing, Hunter Test is only available direct from the manufacturer. This is a common practice carried out by many premium companies.

After speaking to a rep previously, we discovered this direct selling is usually for two reasons. Firstly, it is to ensure a strict level of quality control. Companies can ensure buyers only receive their latest formula and do not receive old stock. Additionally, batches can be checked regularly to add an extra measure of quality.

Secondly, direct selling is said to allow for better customer service. Rather than buyers taking queries or issues to a third party, they speak to the original company. Therefore, the likes of Hunter can resolve any problems quickly and more efficiently.

Is Hunter Test safe to use?

Throughout the reviewing process we saw nothing that caused concern inside Hunter Test. As a result, our team believe Hunter Test should be safe for men to use.

The Hunter Test formula is transparent, which is a positive sign for safety. A lack of proprietary blends means there are no hidden ingredients or filler products.

Furthermore, manufacturing procedures for Hunter Test are carried out to good standards. According to the official website, each capsule is created in either the UK or USA, meaning there is a minimal chance of contamination.

In short, Hunter Test should be safe. To reduce the risk of side effects always follow the manufacturer guidelines.

Is Hunter Test legal?

Yes, Hunter Test is legal. It is a neutral testosterone boosting supplement designed to be a dietary aid.

Hunter Test is not an anabolic steroid. Neither is it created to support the use of un-safe illegal substances.

Every ingredient inside Hunter Test is a legal, natural substance. Therefore, the testosterone booster does not contain synthetic hormones – but instead was created to help men safely realign their health.

Is Hunter Test good value for money?

Hunter Test is undeniably the most expensive supplement on this list. But because of the quality of each capsule, we feel its good value for money.

Men who purchase Hunter Test receive a premium product. It features the most cutting-edge, up-to-date formula we found. Alongside this, each ingredient is served in the most generous amounts. In short, it’s a very potent, powerful supplement.

So, in a few words, yes. Hunter Test’s supreme quality makes it worth the higher cost.

Does Hunter Test really work?

Hunter Test’s smart ingredient choice means it should work. Every inclusion has enough science to support its place, with more than one ingredient holding many studies.

Not only this, but Hunter Test is one of the most generously served supplements on the market. Therefore, there should be the right amounts for each ingredient to work. As a testosterone booster, Hunter Test is one of the strongest, most potent available.

Plus, it’s free from proprietary blends. This means there are no filler ingredients bulking up each capsule. Additionally, it also means there is a minimized risk of these rogue inclusions interfering with other ingredients.

Can men over 60 use Hunter Test?

As a natural hormone balancer, Hunter Test is safe to use for all adult men. In fact, the formula was specifically generated with the older man in mind.

Unlike other supplements, the target audience for the Hunter range is busy, high-achieving men. In our experience many of these men may be over 60.

Additionally, all the ingredients should be beneficial for this age group. While they are included to boost testosterone, many have other health enhancing properties. Men over 60 can experience significant benefits from the likes of Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin D3.

Our only recommendation is to confirm your choice with a medical professional before starting any new supplement.

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

Professionally shot photograph of TestoFuel box, bottle, and capsules

#3 – TestoFuel

Championed by men of all ages, TestoFuel is our top supplement for over 50’s who exercise. It’s science-backed ingredient list is specifically designed to boost testosterone and enhance the masculine physique.

TestoFuel’s creators say this supplement is for men who want to bolster their hormone levels naturally. They also claim their booster could “raise testosterone levels by over 40%”; without the need for dangerous, illegal substances [30].

According to the TestoFuel website users should notice:

  • Muscle growth
  • Increases in libido
  • Lower levels of body fat
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Better mood

All of the above are known signs of healthy testosterone levels.

Much like the other two supplements on our list, TestoFuel features an all-natural formula. It’s also completely free of proprietary blends, which is especially important for men who like to maintain their physique.

In this next section we’ll cover the science behind TestoFuel’s five main ingredients.

What’s in TestoFuel?

D-Aspartic Acid

Researchers say that D-AA induces testosterone synthesis inside the Leydig cells [4]. It accomplishes this my encouraging the release of luteinizing hormone.

One commonly cited paper has linked the supplementation of D-AA with desired masculine benefits. Not only was the amino acid shown to increase sperm quality in infertile men, but help athletes add lean muscle too [5].

Vitamin D3

This is a steroid hormone which we produce naturally when our skin is exposed to sunlight. However, due to our indoor lifestyles, over one billion of the planet’s population face vitamin D deficiency [17].

What make this statistic important to men over 50 is that vitamin D3 supports testosterone production. One study concluded that taking 3,332 IU per day saw a yearly testosterone increase of 20% [18].


Zinc is an essential mineral, which also helps improve luteinizing hormone. In turn this allows testosterone to pass into the bloodstream more effectively.

As a hormone balancer, Zn is a power-player for male fertility. Scientists also believe it’s integral for male hormone levels, as deficiencies are associated with low testosterone [21].


This is another essential mineral that men need to maintain their health. Magnesium supports over 300 bioactivates; including muscle function, the immune system, wound healing, and improving protein synthesis.

Therefore, magnesium is a key mineral for the man over 50. Not only has it been proven to benefit testosterone status but protect muscle mass too [24].

Oyster Extract

TestoFuel have chosen to include Oyster Extract due to its overwhelming zinc content. Oysters, in fact, hold more zinc per serving than any other food. It’s for this reason they’re commonly used as a natural aphrodisiac.

Scientists have also proven oyster extract improves reproductive function, bolsters testosterone production, and inhibits aromatization. As a result, it counteracts the female hormone estrogen so testosterone can work without hindrance [31].

Ingredients Amount Per Serving % EU NRV (Nutritional Reference Value)
Vitamin D3 5000 IU 2500%
Vitamin K2 18 mcg 24
B6 5 mg 360
Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide & Aspartade) 200 mg 53
Zinc (from Zinc Aspartate) 10 mg 100
Aspartic Acid (D-form) 2300 mg **
Asian Red Panax Ginseng 100 mg **
Fenugreek Seed 100 mg **
Oyster Powder 100 mg **
    ** No NRV

How to take TestoFuel

The manufacturers of TestoFuel have created a specific, four-capsule per day plan. This is to evenly distribute the daily amount without sacrificing serving sizes.

As a result, we recommend following the prescribed method.

Consuming the capsules as intended should allow TestoFuel to have the optimal effect.

To fit four capsules into your lifestyle we suggest taking:

  • Capsule one with breakfast
  • Your second alongside lunch
  • The third mid-afternoon
  • Capsule four with an evening meal

What are people saying about TestoFuel?

Because TestoFuel first entered the market in 2012 many reviews can be found online. However, we only took insights from those that critiqued the boosters latest, improved formula. What we saw was a heavy majority of people are in favor of TestoFuel.

Here are a handful of opinions taken from these reviews:

  • – ““Every single ingredient shown to help testosterone and male health.”
  • – “I had more energy throughout the day. I felt more focused on whatever I was doing.”
  • – “Some users have experienced side effects…”
  • – “Not the cheapest product on the market.”

Reviewers all agree that TestoFuel isn’t the most expensive, but still sits in the higher price-bracket. While its high-grade ingredients keep it good value for money the cost might not suit some.

To see more customer-based testimonials visit the TestoFuel website.


  • Nine natural ingredients
  • Free from proprietary blends
  • High zinc content
  • Contains additional Oyster extract
  • Engineered for physique conscious men
  • Research based formula
  • Clinically served
  • Intelligent, four-capsule per-day plan
  • 90-day money back guarantee


  • Potent formula
  • Higher price
  • Capsules not vegetarian or vegan

Final word on TestoFuel

Although not developed specifically for the man over 50, TestoFuel stands strong. With nine-natural ingredients, all backed by science it should help men of all ages reclaim testosterone balance.

When under review, TestoFuel showed impressive ingredient servings. Our team found no trace of fillers or undisclosed proprietary blends. For us, this transparency signaled trust.

We were also impressed by the decision to include Oyster Powder. As it supplies zinc in higher quantities than any other food, it makes a smart addition to TestoFuel.

Something we must always mention in a review is value for money. And while TestoFuel isn’t the cheapest, its price is a mirror of what customers receive.

Conclusion – if you are a man over 50 seeking a testosterone booster to enhance your physique, try TestoFuel. Do not be fooled by it being marketed to the younger man.


Quantity USD ($) GBP (£) Shipping
1 bottle $65 £39 $7.95/£3.95
2 bottles $130 £78 Free to USA & UK
3 bottles + 1 free bottle $195 £117 Free Worldwide


>>> Buy TestoFuel <<<

TestoFuel FAQs

Where can you buy TestoFuel?

At the time of writing, TestoFuel is only available direct from the manufacturer. Therefore, you should not find it in third party stores.

This is apparently to ensure both a high standard of quality control and customer service. The theory is that by holding their product themselves, they can keep watch over each individual sale.

Quality control is bolstered by the fact that the manufacturer sees which products are shipped. As a result, they can be sure that only their latest formula updates reach the customer. We see this as a positive as it means there’s a minimized risk of receiving old products or bad batches.

The secondary customer service aspect may also be a positive. If a problem or query arise, buyers can speak straight the creators. This removes any third-party influences, meaning issues are resolved quicker and guarantees are upheld.

However, this method of direct selling may deter some men. Not allowing other stores to carry a product means customers cannot easily search for cheaper options.

Is TestoFuel safe to use?

After inspecting TestoFuel’s ingredients we can confirm it should be safe to use. No vitamin, mineral, or compound gave our team any cause for concern.

The serving size for each ingredient is sensible too. They remain potent enough to be effective, without adding unnecessary risk. We also saw the method of spreading servings throughout the day as a potential way to minimize side-effects.

Additionally, TestoFuel is free from proprietary blends. This means the formula is completely transparent, as every ingredient is labelled clearly. Our team saw this as another marker for potential safety as there are no hidden dangerous chemicals.

Is TestoFuel legal?

TestoFuel is a natural testosterone support supplement. Every ingredient inside it is legal and safe to purchase.

Testosterone boosters should not be confused with illegal anabolic steroids. They are simply dietary supplements, created using a combination of key ingredients. No testosterone booster on this list actually contains synthetic testosterone, which is illegal to purchase without prescription.

Is TestoFuel good value for money?

As a high-quality premium supplement, we view TestoFuel as good value for money. The price asked reflects the high-grade formula alongside a professionally finished product.

However, we do understand that TestoFuel isn’t the cheapest supplement. We feel the price-tag may be expensive for some, especially compared to lower-tier, less-researched alternatives.

Our final verdict on value is that buyers of TestoFuel get what they pay for. Men who choose TestoFuel receive a potent, effective supplement that’s manufactured to a high standard.

Does TestoFuel really work?

The effectiveness of a testosterone booster lies in its ingredients. And after we inspected the formula, we found scientific backing behind each one.

Because of this our team believe TestoFuel should work for you. Plus, there are ways in which you can support this testosterone booster even further.

To help TestoFuel work optimally we advise you eat a clean, well-balanced diet. In addition to this, we also recommend regular resistance training and exercise.

This is important because an unhealthy lifestyle can negatively impact testosterone. Therefore, failing to eat, sleep, and exercise well may blunt the benefits of TestoFuel.

Can men over 60 use TestoFuel?

Although it’s marketed toward younger men, those over 60 can use TestoFuel. No ingredients are proven to work exclusively for younger males.

A high-quality testosterone booster should be inclusive. As a result, grown men of any age can take it and experience the effect of its ingredients.

When inspecting the ingredient profile of TestoFuel we saw no ingredients that work exclusively for younger men. So, yes, men over 60 can use TestoFuel. Our only advice is to check with a trained medical professional before starting any new supplement.

*Individual results may vary. Please speak with your doctor or physician before undertaking any new weight reduction, supplement, or exercise regime.

Man dispensing testosterone booster capsule into his handTestosterone boosting ingredients that work

Modern research has verified that there are testosterone boosting ingredients that work. While some can directly influence male hormones, others offer a supporting role that improve the overall effectiveness of a formula. You may also find ingredients that bolster desirable outcomes like libido and energy in these supplements.

D-Aspartic Acid

This is an amino acid believed to significantly boost testosterone in men. It does so by releasing a certain hormone in the brain that leads to increased testosterone production.

Several studies have found D-AA to have positive effects on male hormone levels. According to two papers, supplementation can help infertile men improve sperm count, athletes gain lean mass, and healthy men increase testosterone levels [5] [32].

Vitamin D3

Despite the name, this ingredient isn’t a regular vitamin. D3 actually turns into a hormone once inside the body. According to researchers, “the sunshine vitamin” is extremely beneficial for healthy testosterone levels. Deficiencies in D3 are often associated with below average male hormone levels [7].

We produce D3 naturally when our skin comes into contact with the sun. However, supplementation is recommended as almost one billion people on earth are deficient in it [6]. Men who spend a lot of time indoors working busy jobs are especially at risk.


Zinc is an essential mineral men need to optimize their health. It helps the body by bolstering the immune system, as well as supporting the creation of proteins.

Deficiencies in zinc have also been linked to low testosterone. One study has shown that supplementing with Zn can help un-healthy hormone levels be restored. Within the paper, researchers confirmed that men who took on 30 mg of Zn per day saw an increase in free testosterone levels [22].


Magnesium is another essential mineral that is often paired with zinc. Together, these natural nutrients work together to look after men’s health.

A leading role of magnesium is to act as a “cofactor”. This means it’s a “helping molecule”, which supports on-going biochemical reactions performed by other enzymes.

Energy creation, gene maintenance, muscle function, and protein formation all rely on adequate levels of Mg in the body.

According to researchers, Magnesium is shown to exert a positive influence over anabolic hormonal status. Therefore, supplementing with it can increase free testosterone status in both sedentary men and athletes [24] [25] [33].


This ingredient is an ancient herb that’s officially classed as an “adaptogen”, meaning it helps manage stress. As a result, it can provide many benefits including balanced blood sugars, lower cortisol, better brain function, and reduced depression and anxiety.

Together, these measures can work together to enhance testosterone production. Studies have shown that it can significantly boost male hormone levels, sperm quality, and fertility [28] [29].


Boron is an impressive micronutrient that plays important roles in metabolism. These roles are so important it’s even believed to be necessary for plant, animal, and human health.

One of these responsibilities is helping the male body manage both testosterone and estrogen. Additionally, boron is beneficial for increasing the absorption of magnesium and use of vitamin D, which are two other testosterone boosting ingredients [15]. As a result, we see Boron as a highly-respected inclusion to any men’s supplement.

Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It’s often used to boost brain power and reduce inflammation, and importantly for men, as a testosterone booster.

One research review paper cites Ginseng an improving sperm quality in both healthy and infertile men. Additionally, in the same journal entry, the herb is said to have a positive influence on sexual performance, including libido [34].

Do testosterone booster supplements actually work?

Testosterone boosters are supplements created using a varying number of hormone enhancing ingredients. So, the success of a specific one depends largely on the ingredient choice.

If a testosterone booster is filled with high-grade, science backed ingredients it should be effective. While these supplements don’t contain testosterone themselves, they should still support it.

The simple answer to the above question is; they should if treated with respect.

Firstly, users of high-quality testosterone boosters will have the most success when leading a healthy lifestyle. Failure to eat well, exercise, and sleep properly are all a hindrance to natural hormone balance. As a result, they can and will influence supplement performance.

Additionally, cheap, lower-tier testosterone boosters with less evidence might not work. For this reason, we only ever recommend using researched, premium products. Our team always references relevant studies in our reviews and reputable companies should too.

Man over 50 showing signs of high testosterone due to muscle mass
What else can you do to increase testosterone naturally?

Despite what you may think, you yourself have a direct influence over your testosterone. And while it’s impossible to wilfully wish ourselves back to our twenties, we can help in the here and now.

The first and most basic step you can take to increase testosterone production is nutritional. Focusing your diet around fresh fruits and vegetables alongside healthy fats, carbs, and protein is integral.

Eating a wholesome, balanced diet feeds your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It also provides the building blocks for testosterone, which is why you should not exclude fat from your diet.

Three short and fast rules are to cut back on sugar, alcohol, and fast food. Another is to not exclude major food groups such as carbohydrates and/or fats.

Another basic method to naturally boost testosterone is resistance training. This doesn’t have to be heavy gym sessions every day, however. But weight training has been proven to enhance testosterone production [35] [36]. It will also help protect you from age-related muscle loss too.

Finally, try to reduce unnecessary stress in your life. Consistent worrying or aggravation releases the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits the effects of testosterone. While we understand it is impossible to relieve all of life’s stress after 50, streamlining what you can control does help.

The bottom line on Best Testosterone Booster for Men Over 50

As a man, testosterone is one of the things that makes you, you. Without it the masculine traits you hold dear simply wouldn’t exist.

Therefore, many men see it as their duty to protect this vital hormone. One way to shore up your body against age-related decline is to employ a high-quality testosterone booster. This should be a supplement suited to your needs that’s; safe, effective, and good value for money.

A premium, high-grade testosterone booster will be all-natural. It should also be free from proprietary blends and feature well-researched ingredients. As a result, the best supplement for you is the one that offers safety alongside effectiveness.

Rest assured that each of the top three testosterone boosters here are reputable. Each one is manufactured to the highest standards by proven, trustworthy companies. Only by choosing top-tier supplements can we offer you the best testosterone boosters for men over 60.



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