When to Take Fat Burners to Maximize Results

Taking on a new diet routine can be daunting, and often a little extra support can mean the difference between success and tripping up at the first craving.

When to Take Fat Burners to Maximize Results

That support could come in the form of a fat burner supplement.

A quality natural fat burner can bolster your weight loss efforts, giving you the assistance you need to stick to your diet and boost results.

However, it’s not quite as straight forward as just taking a few capsules and watching unwanted pounds fall away.

Knowing when to take fat burners can help you get the most out of certain ingredients within the formulas.

From appetite suppressants to consistency, you need to know when to take fat burners to make sure your body reaps the reward from the ingredients included.

Read our guide and find out how you can boost your results just by timing your intake well.

When to take fat burners with appetite suppressants

In the world of modern fat burner supplementation, every quality product contains an appetite suppressant of some description.

These are ingredients added to help you feel fuller. This is a very powerful addition to a fat burner and huge support to your diet, as it can offer an extra buffer of protection against cravings and hunger pangs.

Appetite suppressants are also a huge bonus for women, as females are hormonally more inclined to give in to treats at certain points during the menstrual cycle [1].

One of the most popular and highly effective natural appetite suppressants in the game is Konjac Root or glucomannan. This is a soluble fiber taken from the root of the Konjac tree. When it hits your stomach, this ingredient expands into a gel-like substance, which gives you a feeling of fullness [2].

Glucomannan has been deemed so effective that scientists have suggested it could be a key factor in helping tackle obesity in America [3].

So, when should you take a fat burner that contains an appetite suppressant?

As this ingredient works by making you feel fuller, the best time to take it is around an hour to half an hour before a meal.

This is for two very important reasons.

  • The first is that you’ll be most hungry before you eat, which is when you’re most likely to give in to temptation and snacks. Treating yourself can be the Achilles heel of any good diet, so stopping cravings in their tracks is the first step to saying no.
  • Our second reason is that, if you’ve already suppressed your appetite before you eat, you’ll find it much easier to maintain a portion-controlled diet. You will feel more satisfied by your meals and won’t feel the need to add dessert or something extra to complete the meal.

How consistent, do I need to be?

If you’ve tried to lose weight before you’ll know very well that it is by no means a quick process. If it is, then it’s likely a fad diet that won’t be sustainable or healthy.

In terms of using a fat burner to assist you in your efforts, you have to be as consistent as you are in your diet.

This is both to ensure it complements your diet and activity well, and to you’re getting the most out of the fat-burning ingredients within.

In terms of working with your diet and activity, we’re talking about the appetite suppressants and the energy-boosting elements of the supplement.

For example, the more often you take the appetite suppressants and stimulants, the more likely you are to adhere to your diet and hit the gym regularly.

Consistency is also essential to the fat burners within your formula. Many modern supplements in this category contain something called thermogenic ingredients. These work by inducing a state of thermogenesis, which essentially makes your body temperature rise. Producing this heat uses energy, which is how you burn more calories and fat [4].

The best way to ensure you maintain the fat-burning effects of thermogenesis, in the long run, is to regularly supplement your diet with these ingredients. That’s why we recommend you aim to take your fat burner supplement as consistently as possible.

All in one or spread throughout the day?

As we’ve said previously, the key to getting the most out of your appetite suppressant is taking it regularly before your meals. And with your thermogenic, you need consistency to maintain a higher fat burn throughout the day.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that taking all your daily recommended amounts of the supplement in one go will only give you the benefits of the ingredients for a short period of time. If it does contain glucomannan, you may feel bloated if you do take it all in one go.

We’d recommend spreading the allocated capsules out over the day to ensure you get the most out of the ingredients. Aim to take your first dose first thing in the morning to kickstart the process and, spread the rest throughout the day.

Following the manufacturer’s directions

One of the most important things you can do with a fat burner supplement is to read the manufacturer’s guidelines on when and how to take the product.

The serving sizes have been carefully measured out by the creators to achieve certain results. So, we’d recommend following their advice when it comes to taking the supplements.

The final word

When correctly taken, a quality fat burner can have a powerful effect on your weight loss journey.

Getting the timing right can help you get the best out of the carefully selected ingredients within the mix. It may make all the difference when it comes to getting your money's worth out of your supplement.

Follow these guidelines on when to take fat burners and you should have everything you need to get the most out of the product you purchase.


Source: spotmegirl.com

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