Hunter Burn Review – Will It Actually Help You Drop the Pounds?

Find out if that fat burner can actually help you lose weight and maintain muscle in our Hunter Burn review

Hunter Burn Review – Will It Actually Help You Drop the Pounds?

Introducing Hunter Burn

Fresh-faced and coming in swinging, Hunter Burn is a new addition to the fat burner market. With claims of ‘premium performance’ and a big focus on quality over quantity, this formula is doing its best to set itself apart from the competition.

We’ll be the judge of that.

At, we’ll perform an in-depth review of this supplement to give you a comprehensive overview of how effective the formula is and whether it’s worth your money.

From the off, we can tell quality means a lot to the creators of Hunter Burn. The container is sleek, modern and sharp. It really stands out when you compare it to the shelf-filler fat burners that saturate this area of supplementation.

They’ve designed this product to cater to the high-flying affluent men out there, who’ll settle from nothing less than the best. It claims to burn fat, without losing the muscle you’ve worked hard for in the gym. We like these intentions, but we know the truth of how well it can perform comes down to the ingredients label.

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing fat burner supplements, but none that offer quite as many benefits as this. The results Hunter Burn boasts could make it a front runner in its category if it can deliver. But after looking at the ingredients profile, we want to know how it does all this without a key staple of the fat burner market – caffeine.

Once we’ve dissected every piece of research relating to these ingredients, we can also get a good idea of how safe and reliable this product is for the user. This is an essential part of the review process, as we pride ourselves on recommending only the most trustworthy supplements, that won’t have any detrimental effects on your health.

When we know how it performs, both in terms of burning fat and safety, we can establish whether or not Hunter Burn is really worth your money.

We do this by comparing the findings from our review with the cost of Hunter Burn. This allows us to find out if you really get what you pay for from this supplement. For example, if it’s a quality product, at a high price that delivers the intensified fat loss we’re looking for, it’s better value for money than a cheaper product that does nothing.

Here at, we’ve spent years immersed in the supplements industry, and we’re experts in our field. We know what it takes to create a truly effective fat burner, and what to avoid. From dosages to the ingredients used, our knowledge and experience gives us unique insight, that we use to bring you the most comprehensive reviews.

Read our Hunter Burn review and find out whether this supplement can really boost your fat loss results.

Hunter Burn Review
What are the benefits of taking Hunter Burn?
Is Hunter Burn safe?
Hunter Burn ingredients
How to take Hunter Burn
How much is Hunter Burn?
The verdict
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Final score

What are the benefits of taking Hunter Burn?

The end goal with Hunter Burn, as with every other fat burner, is weight loss and improved body ratio. However, after review, we found this product to be one of the most intelligent of its kind. It offers a full fat loss support complex, that aids your progress in a number of complementary ways.

Elevated metabolism

Every good fat burner should contribute to increasing your metabolism. Hunter Burn uses a complex of several thermogenic ingredients to boost your metabolic rate and help you burn more calories than you normally would.

Appetite control

This is where Hunter Burn gets really interesting. This fat burner offers generous portions of natural appetite suppressants, that help you feel fuller. With this in the mix, you can take control of portion sizes and reduce the likelihood of snacking. This addition puts you firmly in the driving seat.

Damage control

You’re just a mere mortal – if you do give into temptation or cravings, Hunter Burn has an in-built damage control system. This formula contains the only known natural carb-blocker in the world, added to minimize fat storing if you do cheat on your diet.

Energy boost

Our initial concern with Hunter Burn was that there are no added stimulants in this mixture. An intelligent fat burner should bolster your energy levels, so you can hit the gym to maintain muscle and a healthy lifestyle. However, we discovered that the generous portion of the very potent matcha green tea provides a clean lift, that will keep you energized throughout the day on a calorie-restricted diet. We found this to be an effective, yet refreshing approach, as so many ill-informed supplements just overfill their capsules with the stimulant.


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Is Hunter Burn safe?

As we review the ingredients within Hunter Burn, we were also assessing them for safety. The completely natural supplement profile, along with scientific research surrounding the dosages confirms to us that this is a completely safe supplement.

By using completely natural ingredients and avoiding proprietary blends, they’ve removed a lot the risk associated with supplements and created a clean formula that can be used in the long term.

There’s no added caffeine in this supplement, however, the matcha green tea provides a potent portion of the stimulant. To avoid any potential side effects that can come with too much caffeine, we recommend you drink plenty of water and adjust your coffee and tea intake to accommodate for the supplement.

Front and back photographs of Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn ingredients

The Hunter Burn formula uses only six, very powerful ingredients served over six capsules a day. Each of these elements is completely natural, supported by scientific research and proven to reinforce your fat loss efforts in a number of different ways.

The use of so few ingredients over so many capsules is a huge plus for us. It means Hunter Burn has more room at their disposal and as a consequence, they offer some of the best dosages we’ve ever seen in a fat burner.

  1. Vitamin D3

As a regular ingredient in almost every multivitamin, there’s plenty of research supporting the health benefits of supplementing with vitamin D3.

In terms of fat loss, it’s been proven to boost testosterone [1], which has been shown to positively impact body composition. However, fresh research has linked it to fat loss and has shown that men with higher levels of D3 are more likely to lose weight with exercise [2].

Hunter Burn has a very generous 3000 IU of vitamin D3, which provides 750% of your daily recommended intake.

  1. Konjac root extract

Commonly known as glucomannan, this is a very common and effective appetite suppressant. It’s a soluble fiber derived from the root of the konjac tree and when it hits your stomach, it turns into a gel that swells and makes you feel fuller [3].

Within Hunter Burn, we found the highest dosage of konjac root we’ve ever seen in a supplement, at a 90% standardized amount. This is important as, by supplementing your diet with such a powerful appetite suppressant, you can gain control of portion sizes, reduce your overall calories and even say no to snacks and treats. It supports your progress by helping you stick to your diet.

  1. White kidney bean

This is another extremely intelligent addition to the Hunter Burn formula. If the konjac root doesn’t stop you reaching for a snack on a rare occasion, the white kidney bean comes into play.

Scientific research has identified it as a dietary carbohydrate blocker. This means it provides a barrier against carbohydrates and stops your body from absorbing too many calories and reduces the potential for weight gain [4].

  1. L-theanine

A common occurrence in nootropics and pre-workouts, this ingredient offers a little mental support that can help you to stick to your diet plan. It promotes a feeling of relaxed alertness [5], that can help to firm up your resolve on a restricted-calorie diet.

Scientific research has also linked high levels of l-theanine with lower fat cells within the body, making it a valuable addition to the formula [6].

  1. Matcha green tea

Green tea is a powerhouse ingredient in the world of fat loss supplementation, and matcha tea has been proven to provide three times the power of other, more common strains [7].

The catechins within this ingredient have been proven to induce a state of thermogenesis, which raises your body temperature slightly, forcing your body to burn more calories to return to normal.

There have been studies that claim green tea can elevate the rate at which calories are burned by up to 35% [8], making it a must for every top-shelf fat burner.

  1. Cayenne pepper

This is another potent thermogenic ingredient. It’s packed with capsaicin, which gives the pepper it’s flavor, but also is the compound behind fat loss [9].

Hunter Burn contains a generous 125mg of cayenne pepper which, combined with the matcha green tea, will help to raise your metabolism and help you burn more calories in general.


Ingredients Amount per serving
Vitamin D3 3000IU
Konjac Root Extract 3000mg
White Kidney Bean 500mg
L-Theanine 200mg
Matcha Green Tea 200mg
Cayenne Pepper 125mg

How to take Hunter Burn

Fat loss isn’t an overnight job, unfortunately. All the science points to regular and consistent supplementation to really reap the rewards from the majority of these ingredients.

On top of that, to get the best out of a fat burner containing an appetite suppressant, you need to plan your intake around meals.

One daily serving equates to six capsules. This means taking two capsules, three times a day with a large glass of water.

To really get the most out of this supplement we suggest taking them at the following times:

  • First two capsules 30 minutes before breakfast
  • Second two capsules 30 minutes before lunch
  • Third two capsules 30 minutes before evening meal

By taking your capsules before your meal times, you’ll give the appetite suppressant time to expand in your stomach, which helps to stick to smaller portion sizes, and stop you from snacking when you’re at your most hungry.

For safety and effectiveness, don’t take more than the recommended servings.

How much is Hunter Burn?

One bottle of Hunter Burn provides 180 capsules, which is enough to last 30 days of consistent supplementation.

A container of Hunter Burn costs: $75/ £55

There is also the option to go for a multi-buy option with Hunter Burn. The manufacturers offer a discount whereby, if you purchase three containers, you get a fourth and worldwide shipping, completely free of charge. This could save you money in the long run if you decide to go with Hunter Burn to accelerate your fat loss.

The verdict

In the world of modern fat burning, an intelligent supplement that not only enhances results, but supports a diet is a rare breed. Hunter Burn is one of these rarities.

The formula provides increased fat burning, appetite suppressants, boosted energy and even damage control. On top of this, it just happens to be the most generously dosed product we’ve ever seen.

As well as ticking all the boxes in terms of effectiveness, Hunter Burn is also completely safe to use for long periods of time and won’t leave you with any side effects.

An area where we think Hunter Burn may be held in a negative light is the cost. After review, we can confidently say that this is a premium, unmatched product and it does align with the premium price. However, we’re realistic and we know that, although the value for money is good, this may not be within everyone’s price range.

Despite this, we don’t think you’ll find a better, more effective fat burner. With the right lifestyle, diet and attitude, Hunter Burn could drastically improve your fat loss efforts.


  • High, optimal dosages
  • Offers several supports for your diet
  • Heightens results of healthy, active lifestyle
  • No risk of side effects
  • Natural formula
  • High-grade ingredients


  • Premium price

 Final score

4.5 out of 5 stars


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