TestoFuel – Testosterone Booster Review

Find out if this testosterone booster can really help optimize your hormones via this in-depth review.

TestoFuel – Testosterone Booster Review

Introducing TestoFuel

Now solidified as one of the most reputable testosterone boosters on the market, TestoFuel is a mainstay in athletic circles. Developed by specialist supplement creators Roar Ambition, it’s designed to help optimize hormone production, increase muscle mass, and enhance in-gym performance.

An increase in testosterone should also provide men with a greater sense of well being too. A reclamation of healthy androgen hormones often presents a reinvigorated libido, as well as better mood.

The question is – will TestoFuel work as promised?

Our team of researchers break down the ingredient profile to find out.

For a fair and impartial review to be established, every aspect of TestoFuel must be inspected. Therefore, our assessment team will pull apart each piece of this product for close analysis.

By the end of our review we will have discovered the potential effectiveness, safety, and overall value of TestoFuel.  In addition to this, our team will have also broken down exactly how it should work, by referencing the latest, cutting-edge research.

No part of TestoFuel will go unchecked. Only by covering every aspect of this testosterone booster can we release a complete, all-inclusive review.  

On the surface, TestoFuel looks and feels deserving of its high-quality status. Close attention to detail is evident in its design, while the packaging materials are strong and well manufactured.

A warning sign for our team is always poor, unfinished packaging, which is often a precursor to a cheaply-made low-quality product. TesoFuel showcases a professional design and finish.

However, we have been reviewing supplements for years. As a team, our experience has taught us to dig deeper. We’re not naïve enough to consider premium packaging a mark of effectiveness without first inspecting the profile. After all, it’s what’s inside a testosterone booster that makes it safe or effective.

When analyzing TestoFuel’s formula we will call upon scientific studies to inform any decisions made. Our team only draw information from reputable sources, which can all be found in the reference section. Only by exclusively handling data from credible studies can we ensure all advice offered is impartial and trustworthy. This information is also how we monitor potential effectiveness.

While breaking down TestoFuel’s ingredient profile we expect to see an all-natural formula. To us, this is an indication of a reputable, intelligently designed product. It’s also the only way we can mark a supplement as potentially safe.

On the other hand, if a supplement contains mysterious, undisclosed proprietary blends, we can’t say for certain what’s in it. Therefore, our research team cannot confirm what potential risks it poses.

The final part of any SpotMeBro review is value. While many reviews focus solely on performance, we believe value for money is an integral part of any product. Whether or not TestoFuel is worth your money will be decided by cross-examining cost with effectiveness.

For example, well-performing, impressive ingredient profiles with higher price tags are considered good value. A cheaper, lower-quality alternative with potentially dangerous proprietary blends isn’t. In short – effectiveness bolsters value.

Keep reading to find out if TestoFuel hits peak performance for testosterone production or falls short of its ambitious promise.


TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Review
1. TestoFuel Benefits
2. Is TestoFuel safe?
3. TestoFuel Ingredients
4. How to take TestoFuel
5. TestoFuel Testimonials
6. Final Word on TestoFuel
7. TestoFuel Pros
8. TestoFuel Cons
9. References

TestoFuel Benefits

TestoFuel is a supplement specifically designed to keep your androgen hormones at their healthiest levels. Yet, not all testosterone boosters all are created equal, and some are definitely worth your money more than others.

What sets a good testosterone booster apart from others is its ingredient profile. Certain compounds are proven by science to positively support healthy testosterone production, so their inclusion may lead to additional benefits. TestoFuel, for example, contains Zinc [1] and Vitamin D3 [2] – two research-backed hormone optimizers.

Here are the main benefits TestoFuel users should gain:

Build muscle more effectively

Scientists suggest that testosterone increases muscle mass by elevating muscle protein synthesis [3]. Consequently, by helping men claim optimal hormonal balance, TestoFuel can make muscle building more effective.

Better body composition – lower body fat

An increase in testosterone can positively impact body composition in numerous ways.

Firstly, by influencing an increase in lean mass, users should experience raised metabolic rate at rest. This is because muscle contributes more toward your TDEE than body fat at approximately 20% compared to 5% [4].

Furthermore, testosterone should help to regulate body fat. Several studies have linked low testosterone levels with obesity, which men become more vulnerable to as they age [5].

Increased libido and sexual performance

Testosterone plays a pivotal part in a man’s libido and sexual performance. This is because the areas of the brain linked to sexual desire, the amygdala for example, possess many androgen receptors ready to receive testosterone. When triggered by the male sex hormone, these receptors increase the desire to have sex, as well as encourage the penis to produce an erection [6].

However, when testosterone levels are low, the desire to have sex can take a hit. Similarly, the ability to achieve and/or maintain a satisfying erection can also be impacted, as well as there being risk of infertility [7].

Lifted mood

Men with elevated testosterone are often the ones with confidence. An increase in testosterone can accentuate your physique and sex life, which should give you a greater sense of wellbeing.

Not only that, but low testosterone levels can be a cause of irritability, while also being related to depression [8].

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Is TestoFuel safe?

After analysis we can confirm the TestoFuel formula is all-natural. Consequently, no individual ingredient immediately stood out as being unsafe. You should be able to experience TestoFuel to its full capacity without side-effects.

Another key point to make is TestoFuel’s complete lack of proprietary blends. This struck us as a clear sign of transparency, which is a respectable mark for a supplement. Disclosing every single ingredient and serving size on the label shows us TestoFuel are confident and open to inspection.


TestoFuel’s formula is a composition of nine, high-grade ingredients. Upon inspection, each one showed itself to be clinically dosed in line with recent scientific research.

Therefore, users of TestoFuel should not face any side-effects when following manufacturer guidelines. Additionally, an optimized serving of each ingredient also means it should work effectively and as expected.

While not the most potent of formulas compared to Hunter Burn, we discovered TestoFuel is a powerful mix. The ingredient choice clearly reflects a product designed for men with their physique in mind, not just testosterone. We found more than one muscle supporting micronutrient in this product.

To outline how TestoFuel users can experience its many potential benefits, we will now discuss the key ingredients.

Vitamin D3 – 5000 IU

Sometimes referred to as the sixth steroid, vitamin D3 is fundamental for optimizing testosterone. Our body also naturally creates it when we come into contact with sunlight.

What TestoFuel have done well is include a generous 5000 IU of D3 in one serving. According to studies, 3,332 IU of this ingredient is needed to significantly raise testosterone, so they’ve outdone themselves here [9].

Vitamin K2 – 18 mcg

Typically found in red meat, egg yolks, and liver, K2 kickstarts hormone release. Also known as ‘menaquinone’, this vitamin works hand in hand with D3 to increase testosterone production.

We thought vitamin K2 was an intelligent addition, as one study showed 5 weeks of supplementation led to a 70% increase in circulating testosterone [10].

Vitamin B6 – 5 mg

B vitamins are widely used for general wellbeing, keeping our eyes, hair, skin, and liver healthy. Plus, B6 especially helps the blood transport oxygen, playing a big part in energy upkeep [11].

B6 also reduces estrogen (female sex hormone) build up in men, allowing testosterone to work unrestricted [12].

Magnesium – 200 mg

Every cell inside your body needs this essential mineral to function. It’s involved in over 600 bodily reactions including protein formation, energy creation, muscle movements and regulation of the central nervous system [13].

However, the inclusion of magnesium also bolsters TestoFuel’s testosterone-boosting claims. Studies have shown it has a positive influence on anabolic hormonal status in men [14].

Zinc – 10 mg

Like magnesium, zinc is considered to be an essential nutrient. Your body needs it for many processes including immune function, growth and development, protein synthesis and gene expression [15].

Consequently, zinc deficiencies cause androgen receptors to become inefficient [16]. This makes healthy zinc levels vital for optimized hormone balance, especially testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 2300 mg

DAA is known to boost parts of the brain that regulate luteinizing hormone release. Once triggered, luteinizing hormone travels from the pituitary gland and tells the testes to produce testosterone.

One study showed 90 days of DAA supplementation saw an average increase in testosterone levels of 30-40% [17]. Not only that, but further research into the amino acid indicates it can be used to treat infertile men, as well as athletes looking to increase strength and muscle mass [18].

Ingredients Amount Per Serving % EU NRV (Nutritional Reference Value)
Vitamin D3 5000 IU 2500%
Vitamin K2 18 mcg 24
B6 5 mg 360
Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide & Aspartade) 200 mg 53
Zinc (from Zinc Aspartate) 10 mg 100
Aspartic Acid (D-form) 2300 mg **
Asian Red Panax Ginseng 100 mg **
Fenugreek Seed 100 mg **
Oyster Powder 100 mg **
    ** No NRV

How to take TestoFuel

The creators of TestoFuel have distributed their ingredients across four capsules a day. By using more pills, this gives the user access to the potent ingredients at higher serving sizes. When taking TestoFuel we suggest following this pattern:

  • First capsule with breakfast
  • Second capsule at lunch
  • Third capsule between lunch and dinner with a snack
  • Fourth capsule in the evening with either dinner or a snack

By taking TestoFuel in this manner, you grant your body consistent access to its nutrients. While it may seem appealing to just take it all in one serving, this only creates a single window for absorption rather than constant support.

TestoFuel also suggests daily, consistent supplementation for optimum results.

We at SpotMeBro always advocate following manufacturer guidelines. Ignoring serving suggestions may lead to unwanted side-effects.


How much is TestoFuel?

One bottle of TestoFuel contains 30 servings, each one comprising of four capsules. This equates to 120 individual capsules and 30 days of supplementation.

Each individual bottle of TestoFuel costs: $65/ £39

Customers who plan to take TestoFuel consistently can also gain access to a multi-buy reward. When three bottles of TestoFuel are added to one order, a fourth is included for free. The customer, therefore, receives 120 days of supplementation for the price of just 90.

In addition to gaining an extra month-long supply, the customer also becomes entitled to free shipping. When combined these two factors can save TestoFuel users substantial cash.

At the time of writing this money-saving opportunity is only available direct. Only TestoFuel themselves carry this testosterone booster, meaning it isn’t sold in other stores. While we see this is the only way TestoFuel can offer their 90-day guarantee, it may be a negative for some.

The verdict

A firm favorite in the supplement industry for a few years now TestoFuel still impresses. Upon inspection, we unveiled an intelligent, all-natural formula that delivers clinical servings of potent ingredients.

The decision to disassociate the product with dangerous proprietary blends is a smart move for TestoFuel. Not only does this create a high level of safety, but the transparency reassures users they aren’t paying for filler ingredients.

Consequently, our team only found cutting-edge ingredients, proven to work in relevant studies. We also found them to be delivered through a well-planned, four-capsule daily serving.

To summarise – TestoFuel has a very high level of potential effectiveness. Users should experience its proposed testosterone boosting benefits without safety risks, or adverse side-effects. Out of all the testosterone booster we’ve reviewed TestoFuel stands out as the most impressive.

However, we must discuss the cost. At $65, this testosterone booster is less affordable than others. While not as expensive as Hunter Test, it’s still not the cheapest on the market. Yet, we feel it deserves the price tag. Because of its high-level of potential effectiveness and superior quality we feel TestoFuel is a good value for money. In our experience, a premium supplement such as this is a better choice than a lower-tier, poorly formulated alternative. Although cheaper, other supplements may lack the quality and effectiveness you’re looking for.

In closing, our team of researchers advocates TestoFuel to anyone serious about boosting their testosterone. This is a premium quality supplement, with a bold and impressive formula developed exclusively from natural ingredients. For these reasons, we believe TestoFuel is the best testosterone booster available in 2019.


  • 100% natural formula
  • Clinical serving sizes
  • Research-backed ingredients
  • Intelligent distribution
  • Free from proprietary blends
  • High-level of safety
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Money-saving multi-buy reward


  • Premium price tag
  • Only available direct from TestoFuel.com
  • Capsules non-vegetarian/vegan-friendly

Our score: 5/5

Source: spotmebro.com

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