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Severity: Warning

Message: mysqli::query(): (HY000/2006): MySQL server has gone away

Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php

Line Number: 307


File: /home/fitbay5/public_html/application/models/Post_model.php
Line: 96
Function: get

File: /home/fitbay5/public_html/application/core/Core_Controller.php
Line: 120
Function: get_random_posts

File: /home/fitbay5/public_html/application/controllers/Home_controller.php
Line: 8
Function: __construct

File: /home/fitbay5/public_html/index.php
Line: 315
Function: require_once

Database Error

A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 2006

MySQL server has gone away

SELECT `posts`.*, `users`.`username` as `username`, `users`.`slug` as `user_slug` FROM `posts` JOIN `users` ON `posts`.`user_id` = `users`.`id` WHERE `posts`.`visibility` = 1 AND `posts`.`status` = 1 AND `posts`.`lang_id` = '1' ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 10

Filename: models/Post_model.php

Line Number: 96