Pre Workout for Fat Loss | Losing Weight The Easy Way

Using a powerful pre workout supplement is a surefire way of boosting your fat loss results. Cutting fat is hard work. It takes a strict, nutrient-rich diet, hours and hours of intense training and unbreakable motivation and resolve. It’s just not for everyone. Throw a pre workout into the mix though and it’s like starting the fuse of some kind of fat-shredding bomb and watching that muthaf*cka blow up. Here’s how a pre workout tears the lid off of your fat loss goals.

Pre Workout for Fat Loss | Losing Weight The Easy Way

What Are Pre Workout Supplements?

A few years back, a group of (probably) mad scientists sat in a lab and concocted a supplement called pre workout.

The hope was that they could formulate a supplement that you’d take prior to your gym session that would pretty much full-on rip the sh*t out of your workouts.

And while we doubt that was the actual sales line for the product, it’s pretty much what they wanted to achieve.

These scientists likely listened to the bro’s that were frustrated about their workouts. They no doubt heard stories about how the real lifters had a load of post-workout supplement options to make gainz after tough workouts… but only bananas, oatmeal and apples to choose from beforehand.

That’s why pre workout supplements were invented.

A drink that would boost stamina and endurance, power and strength, and give you a muscle pump so hard you ‘d think you were having a bicep embolism.

  • Energy surges so powerful you feel like you could run the New York marathon in under 2 hours
  • So much strength you’ll need reinforced Olympic grade barbells just to keep up with you
  • Unrelenting motivation that will help you train harder than ever before
  • Focus and drive that give you perfect reps every time

Using a Pre Workout for Fat Loss

Pre workouts weren’t designed for fat loss as such.

They were formulated to give you the very best workouts possible by driving energy to where you need it the most.

But the two points go hand-in-hand.

Because productive, bar-bending workouts means greater results and faster progress. Especially if fat loss is what you’re after.

Better workouts means higher energy expenditure

Being able to work hard in the gym and rack up a great workout every time means more calories burned, more fat targeted and more consistent results.

Take this study from the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition for example [1].

Even after using pre workout supplements once, a group of athletes reported both an increase in energy expenditure and better sport performance in upper body muscular endurance testing and high-intensity exercise.

Okay, what’s that mean for you?

  • You’ll work harder during tough workouts and lift heavier weights for more reps
  • You’ll burn more calories

Caffeine supplementation leads to higher rates of fat loss

Most pre workout supplements use caffeine as a base. It’s a potent stimulant that can dust the cobwebs off and supercharge even the laziest a$$ gym-goer.

Caffeine is a potent thermogenic supplement – a compound that helps your body increase calorie burning and body temperature significantly.

Research shows that when caffeine is taken as part of a pre workout it can raise energy expenditure by as much as 15% [2].

And another study found that when a group of athletic volunteers were given a caffeine-based supplement before their workout, they reported an increase in exercise enjoyment too.

Not only that:

  • Energy expenditure went up
  • Post-workout calorie intake was lower and volunteers subconsciously opted for lower fat foods

Note: More isn’t always better and too much caffeine in your pre workout can lead to jitters and heart palpitations. Keep your dose to 300 mg or less and increase only when your tolerance builds.

Beetroot supplementation ramps up high-intensity exercise results

You’ll not find many pre workouts with red beet, but high-quality ones like 4 Gauge for example will give you a decent 300 mg hit of the deep purple superfood extract.

Beetroot doesn’t directly increase fat loss; but it sure as hell helps you work harder in the gym.

As an emerging performance enhancer used by top level endurance athletes, red beet is fast becoming the go-to nutrient for optimal workouts.

One study found that beetroot supplementation enhances endurance workouts. Because it is high in inorganic nitrates, beets directly affect your vascular system and metabolic functions.

This can lead to a reduced cost of oxygen during exercise, helping you to work harder at higher intensities… and for longer [3].

  • Enhanced exercise tolerance
  • Lower metabolic cost of exercise
  • Higher blood nitrate levels

Bottom line, red beet gets you all kinds of jacked when it comes to balls-out cardio and metabolic finishers.

Note: Eating too much beetroot turns your p*ss a dark pink color. But you don’t need to worry about that with a pre workout extract.

L-Carnitine boosts fat loss in a calorie deficit

When it comes to the thick end of it, fat loss only occurs in a calorie deficit.

This means you have to burn off more than you eat each day to stimulate fat cell lipolysis.

Studies show that L-carnitine – an amino acid involved in energy metabolism – can speed up fat oxidation when in a negative energy balance state.

And that’s great for those that don’t just train hard, but watch their diet too.

For example, some research shows that on a cellular levels, L-carnitine optimizes the enzymatic reactions needed to boost fat burning via the beta-oxidation pathway [4].

It’s also been seen to significantly reduce fatigue too in well trained athletes.

Best Fat Burning Pre Workout: Our Choice

Our favorite fat burning pre workout by a mile is 4 Gauge, a perfectly-dosed, premium pre workout that will not only help you smash your workouts, but obliterate fat at the same time.

When it comes to pre workout supplements, we’ve tried them all.

There’s so much left over powder dumped around our office you’d think we’d been back to the all-nighter parties again.

We demand the best workouts. We deserve them; and you do too. 

We know exactly which pre workouts make us tick, which ones make us sick and which ones need to end up in a ditch.

Our standards are high… but they have to be when it comes to looking after our bro community.



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