The Secret To Loosing Weight, From 120kg to 60kg in 4 weeks.

An insight into the online and click bait deception of loosing weight rapidly in a matter of weeks, when in reality it is practically impossible. I know your eyes are pooping, considering you've just read the above heading online promising miracles to your heavy frame, regardless of your diet, lifestyle as well as level of current activity. Sadly it is all just a big hoax, and a big one at that, majorly it's just click baits with no real truth to there supposed claim. 

The Secret To Loosing Weight, From 120kg to 60kg in 4 weeks.

The Truth is… 

You are not going to loose no where near 60 kilograms in 4 weeks (sad but true), except through surgery. With exercise and diet it will take you much longer, coupled with patience, hard/smart work and a positive outlook to your results regardless of time. Firstly you must understand how the human body works. 

It took you probably two to three years or more (could even be months) to add up those pounds, courtesy of a bad diet, sedentary lifestyle (due to kind of work and working hours), being incapacitated due to injury or other related factors. Also could be due to genetics, having a slow metabolism and the ability to gain weight rapidly as well as the inability to shed them off as fast as you pile them up. Not to worry, you can get rid of those pounds, but not in four weeks, so get rid of that idea (I know you are a tad bit disappointed). 

The principle of weight loss and weight gain is the same really, just vice versa,

If you want to loose weight, consume less (but sufficient) calories than your body uses (A k a burn), so your body gets into a fat burning mode and turns to the fat stores for source of fuel when it has deplited the calorie sources. 

Also if you want to gain weight, you consume more calories than your body actually burns, so there are enough left overs of caloric deficits to build up muscle and mass. 

NB All these are coupled with a well defined exercise programme. 

Now that we know how our bodies really work, question is, how do I loose weight effectively using a method that truly works? Read on.. 


You'll have to start an exercise programme. It's best you register in a gym, where you can get proffesions handle you. And there's the bonus of motivation and someone holding you accountable to your weight loss goals. 


Adopt a healthy diet. If you can afford to, do it, if you can't then cut out certain foods and drinks from your diet, a fitness instructor as well as a nutritionist can help with that. Also you can try cutting down on the quantity of food you ingest, always remember eat reduced portions. 


Never skip breakfast. Skipping the first meal of the day till about 12 noon won't help with your weight loss goal in anyway. There's been a common miss-conception "that Skipping meals especially breakfast, helps with shedding off a couple of pounds", this is so not true and should be avoided. A healthy breakfast helps in setting your body up for the day, both nutritionally and energy wise, plus it helps put your body in a fat burning mode (yes it does), how? You may ask, we'll it signifies to your body that, food is in abundance and readily available, that way your body burns off calories faster and eventually turns to the fat stores (fatty deposits) as source of fuel. 


Have  patience and a positive outlook, another truth rarely spoken of is, your weight loss journey will take time, you might start exercising, eating right and do all sorts for months, yet with no definite results. Do not give up, sounds cliche, but still do not give up, it took you some time to pile up those pounds, it will take you longer to shed them off. Patience is key in this moments. 

I'll also advice you don't count calories or weigh yourself regularly, sounds out of the ordinary, yes… counting calories and weighing yourself regularly gives you some form of unrealistic expectation and drive within the first few weeks, when the results are not forth coming as expected you decline and probably give up with the "big is beautiful" as your adopted slogan. Instead of counting calories and regularly checking your weight, just feel those little but very noticeable changes such as, improved sleep, endurance, distance covered, no more shortness of breath when you take the stairs, a general feeling of a healthy wellbeing all round. This way you'll keep at it, even when all doesn't seem to be going according to expectation. 

No weight plan workout and diet out there promising to give you your dream body in a short period of time is effective, what they do is unrealistically get your hopes up and set you up for definite failure and possibly Depression. Such "online programs" should be avoided at all cost regardless of comments and positive reviews, truth is, they don't work and are at best unrealistic.

Stick with a workout plan, a healthy diet and a positive outlook and remember patience is key. 

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