The Only Exercise You'll Ever Need?

Is there one exercise that fits it all? that one exercise that does it all for you, getting you your desired results.

The Only Exercise You'll Ever Need?
The Only Exercise You'll Ever Need?

You would often hear regular gym goers, fitness enthusiasts and even certified fitness trainers tell you, these and these are the only exercises you'll ever need to get that body you've always wanted and to generally keep fit. Well the question is, are there a group of exercises like that? 

The answer depends on the angle you look at it from. 

Let's discuss…

In reality there's no one exercise or group of exercises that fit it all or does it all. Different exercises are specified for different body parts, gives different results amongst other benefits. 


Is There A group Of Exercises That Offer A Full Body Experience? 

Yes they are, there are certain combination of exercises that gives a full body workout when done in a circuit style training. Examples of such combinations are push-ups followed by Lunges then abdominal crunches, could be standing or lying down. 

Is There That One Single Exercise That Does It All? 

Fitness enthusiasts and trainers will tell you yes and even swear by it using various researches and studies carried out as proof. The truth is with experience and working out over a long period of time, you get to understand, there's no one exercise or Single workout out there that does it all. At best the Single so called full body workout can keep up your conditioning and fitness nothing more. An example of such is a standard burpee. 


Does Sit-ups Alone Give You A Six-Pack? 

No it doesn't, as a matter of fact when done incorrectly and too frequently it hurts your lower back and places too much tension and stress on your spine. Truth is to loose belly fat, what you eat (your diet) is 80% more important than actual abdominal training. The best method to go about this, is to adjust your diet and exercise as well. Examples of more potent exercises for belly fat are, bicycle crunches, double leg raises, V-ups, under knee claps and many more. More importantly don't forget your cardio, if possible HIIT, as this is a major fat burner as well. 


Can I Target Loose Weight I.e Loose Weight Specifically On A Body Part? 

Yes you can, but minimally, truth is your body does not target loose fat, how your body actually directs fat loss is yet to be decoded by science, as your body can loose fat from any body part as desired. When you start to exercise frequently, your body looses fat (if that is your goal) all over, not target specific. Can you squarely face a body part? Yes, is it as effective as full body? No. 


Can I Build Muscle With Only Body Weight Workouts? 

Yes you can, is it optimal? also yes. Difference has to do with your body type, how quickly you build muscle or lose it, your diet amongst other factors. Will it be as fast as actually lifting weights? Might not. Advantages is, there is less risk of injury associated with body weight workouts, and the body goes through a natural range of motion as the various movements are performed. 

Does that mean lifting weights are bad? No they are not, weight bearing workouts are actually good for your joints going into old age, as they help against osteoporosis and other related health issues. They both can be combined to give the full experience. 


Does Lifting Weights Make Ladies Muscular? 

Absolutely no, yes they might have some form of muscle definition, but manly muscular, answer is no. Reason being the female gender don't possess the progesterone hormone I'm adequate quantity, to promote muscle growth as there male counterparts. So for females, weight lifting does not make you bulky. 

You might ask, what of those competing female body builders? Truth is they take PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) such as steroids amongst others to promote abnormal muscle growth. 

For Females, weight bearing workouts, promotes healthy joints, firms the body ( gets rid of all the flabs) and puts you generally in a well conditioned state.

Is there actually a workout or group of workouts that can actually try to do it all? 

Theoretically there is, we call it the full body burner. Consists of push-up, Squats, crunches, high knees and Lunges. 


How To 

It's a circuit workout, meaning we go through it all, no rest in between, till its completed for one set. 


Start with: 

Push-up - Done lying face down, shoulder width apart, push with your hands up full length, stabilise your core. 

Repeat 10 times.


Followd by: 

Squats - Stand shoulder width apart, you can place your hands behind your head or an your waist, keep your back straight, proceed with a downward movement to a sitting position and then back up. 

Repeat 10 times. 


Abdominal Crunches - Can be done standing or lying down, depending on comfort. 

For Lying down - Lay down flat on an exercise mat, hands behind your head legs out stretched. Pull each arm toward each leg alternatively, keeping your legs on the air all through the movement. 

For Standing Crunches - Same as the lying down, just done standing, driving your knees 

Way up to your chest. 

Repeat 10 times.


High Knees - Assume a standing position, drive your knees way up to your chest in a running position (on a spot) as fast as you can. 

Repeat 10 times. 


Lunges - Stand shoulder width apart, hands on your waist or position as comfortable. Drive one leg forward bending down in a 90 degree angle, bring the leg back to former position and repeat with the second leg. 

Repeat 10 times. 


This, is a complete full body workout, touching practically all body parts, it's not finite, but a good workout nontheless that touches most of the compound muscles. 

There's no one workout that does it all, secret is, continous dedication, commitment, dietary changes and time. Really there's nothing to it. 

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