Workout 30 minutes every day: The Health Benefits will surprise you!

Exercise is vitally important to a healthy, happy and productive life. It turns out, researchers now know that training just 30 minutes consistently every day bring more benefits than we ever realized. For example, it can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Workout 30 minutes every day: The Health Benefits will surprise you!

  But the benefits aren’t only long-term. Many will improve your life right now! Here are 12 benefits of working out for at least 30 minutes every day:


  1. Reduce the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

The American Psychological Association recently presented new research proving that doing 30 minutes of physical exercise a day can help you reduce the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. A Harvard study found that exercise can help improve your brain’s hippocampus region. That’s the area controlling memory and learning. The current theory is that more exercise increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the brain. 

  1. Your Body Gets Better at Communicating

When you exercise, your body releases proteins that help your brain and body’s organs crosstalk and communicate. That helps your body regulate metabolism and blood sugar —  reducing your chances of getting diabetes.  Recently, the research journal Cell Metabolism published a study that states, “Since the turn of the millennium…numerous tissues such as skeletal muscle, liver, adipose tissue, brain, and bone have been shown to secrete proteins during exercise, perhaps mediating some of the benefits of physical activity and exposing the possibility for therapeutic manipulation of the positive benefits of exercise.” 

  1. Body Tempature Rises

When your muscles workout, they need energy. The energy comes from your body burning fat and carbohydrates, and in turn, producing heat. Has anyone ever told you to workout outside during the cold months? Well, that’s because your body temperature rises during physical activity. By working out outdoors during the cold months, you can increase the positive results. (Just avoid hypothermia!)

  1. Positive Thoughts Come More Naturally 

When you work out, your brain releases endorphins or the feel-good chemical. This chemical makes you feel good because it blocks your feelings of pain and fear. With a 30-minute workout every day, you pave the way for more consistent happiness. 

  1. Brain Function Improves

When you exercise, your body works harder, you sweat more, you burn more calories, and your heart pumps faster. Exercise speeds up the heart rate as well as the blood flow to the brain. That’s one of the chief benefits of continual training. Why? More blood flow equals more oxygen to your brain, and that helps you think more clearly and function better. 

  1. Better Sleep 

You’re much more likely to have better sleep after training, than when you don’t work out. In fact, “Studies have shown that people who exercise for at least 30 minutes a day had 65% more quality in their sleep than those who did not.” (Read more on that here:

  1. Healthier Heart

You reduce your chance of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

  1. Weight Loss

Working out for at least 30 minutes can help you lose or maintain your weight. (In fact, desire to lose weight may be the most common reason why people exercise for 30 minutes or more a day.)

  1. Reduce Stress

You’ll reduce your stress and help boost your ability to deal with life’s tensions. 

  1. More Energy

You’ll provide the body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to work more efficiently and effectively. 

  1. Increase Productivity and Creativity throughout the day

How’s that for exercise motivation? And more creative thinking will lead to more productive thinking…and doing!  

  1. Improve your Self-Confidence 

Not only will working out help you look better — it’ll also help you feel better too!

 So start your half hour workout sessions today! Seriously, who knew there were so many benefits of working out 30 minutes every day! (And remember, we’re not saying you have to stop at 30 minutes. Find your pace and you’ll be on your way to a lifetime of personal bests in so many ways.)

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