GAT Sport Introduces New Creatine HCI+

Monroe, CT, September 16, 2022 — GAT Sport is pleased to announce the official global release of its all-new GAT Sport Creatine HCI+ creatine supplement. It’s a significant advance over other creatine supplements, with three very powerful patented ingredients in a unique Multi-Stage Creatine and Nitric Oxide (NO) formula.

GAT Sport Introduces New Creatine HCI+

GAT’s newest Essential, Creatine HCI+ Ultra Performance Matrix has several powerful key compounds, including the sole macrodosing, patented Creatine HCI. It contains a Multi-Stage Creatine & NO Formula, with clinical levels of performance-enhancing ingredients. Notably, it’s 59x more water-soluble than Creatine Monohydrate and creates less bloating. Plus, there's no loading phase and causes no water retention. The three flavors are quite amazing.

GAT Sport President & CEO Charles Moser made the announcement, “Our GAT Creatine HCI+ is our latest ultra performance, scientifically-advanced, multi-creatine formula. Using it, our customers can increase athletic strength, lean mass gains, energy, endurance, hydration, muscle and power. It combines NO3-T® Creatine Nitrate and Agmatine Sulfate for enhanced blood flow, nitric oxide production, amplified energy, power, strength, endurance, and recovery. Plus, Taurine, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and AstraGin® enhance cellular uptake and bioavailability for overall hydration and performance.”

New GAT Creatine HCI+ is available now in three delicious flavors: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Pink Lemonade.

This great-tasting formula can readily stack with any popular GAT Sport protein powders, aminos and pre-workouts, a feature that GAT customers request and expect. Stack it with Nitraflex, Pumptropic, and PMP pre-workouts, FLEXX EAAs™ intra-workout, and other GAT Essentials Vitamins & Minerals products.


About GAT Sport

Charles Moser, President & CEO, has over 20 years’ experience in training and supplementation formulation, design and marketing. Under his leadership, GAT Sport creates edgy, forward-looking products that propel athletes worldwide, and the industry. Designing with clinically researched ingredients and university studies, he produces and markets clinically tested, efficaciously-dosed formulas that become legendary. Charles is diversifying this highly respected global brand with high-energy workout products and those for repair and recovery after training, plus general health & fitness. He drives TeamGAT to compete harder every day and on every level. Follow Charles on Instagram @GAT_CEO_Charles_Moser. 223.6k Followers 184k Followers             6.8k Followers


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