How to Be Less Intimidated by the Weight Room – Dominate Dumbbells

If you’re intimidated at the thought of walking into the weights room you need to give this article a read. We give you the very best tips to channel your energy and build kick ass confidence to rival even the biggest gym rat.

How to Be Less Intimidated by the Weight Room – Dominate Dumbbells

You want to get fitter, leaner and stronger more than anything.

Trying something completely new can be nerve-wracking, the weights room is no different. In fact, for some ladies it can be the most nerve-wracking thing out there.

And as a bit of a weight room noob, the thought of heavy weights, doing the wrong thing and even the wandering eyes of the testosterone-pumped guys leaves you absolutely petrified.

But don’t worry.

In this short article we tell you exactly how to take command of your situation and own that goddamn weight room.

How to Be Less Intimidated by the Weight Room

The SpotMeGirls are as experienced as it gets when it comes to gyms. Not only do we talk the talk, we walk the walk and strut the strut.

When we’re not giving you the latest gym workouts or best product reviews we spend pretty much every day toning our asses, building our bodies and chiseling our abs.

If there’s anyone who knows how to overcome ‘gymtimidation‘ it’s us.

Building confidence comes with routine. You can’t expect to gain positive association with the weight room if you don’t dare set foot in there.

Much like any other skill, confidence comes with practice. And practice takes time.

However, if you follow our advice below you’ll be running the gym in no time.

Become an alpha female here…

If you’re not sure, ask a trainer for help?

Presuming you’ve joined a gym with instructors, ask them how the equipment works if you’re not sure. Everyone starts somewhere, and even the most experienced gym-goer will ask how the kit works if they’re not sure.

Although you might be embarrassed asking a trainer, it’s a far better option than doing something wrong and injuring yourself. Or end up as a viral fail video…

You wouldn’t just jump in a new car without at least asking how it worked, would you? So treat your body with respect and get the help you need.

Although some trainers might not look the most welcoming, they’re actually really nice once you say hi and ask for help.


Learn the etiquette

Nothing says noob more than a lack of basic gym etiquette. There are unwritten rules that you just don’t break.

But if you follow these essential pointers, you’ll look as experienced as the most expert female lifter.

Here are our top gym etiquette pointers:

  • Put your equipment away – this is rule number one. You use it, you replace it. And if you don’t know where it goes, ask. This includes re-racking your dumbbells and stripping the bars you’ve used as well.
  • Don’t train in front of the dumbbell rack – even if it’s quiet, move well away from the rack when you curl or press. Standing in front of the rack means you’re blocking the weights rack for everyone else.
  • Appreciate personal space – much like you’d avoid standing right next to someone on the subway or bus, don’t invade someone space in the gym. Leaving plenty of room means that if you drop a weight it won’t injure anyone else. It also stops you looking kind of weird too.
  • Move away from the mirror – Many women like to watch their form in the mirror. If you stand in front of it, you’re stopping them from analyzing their technique.
  • Ask if someone’s finished with the equipment – There are some weird and wonderful training systems that people use. And sometimes they might organize some weights to use, but leave them in the corner of the gym ready to grab. If you’re unsure whether or not they’re free for use, politely ask.
  • Don’t drop the weights – This is pretty straightforward really. You’ll damage them. Or when they bounce, they can injure someone, including yourself.
  • Don’t interrupt someone mid-set – It’s a cardinal sin to ruin someone’s set. If you need to ask them something, wait until they’re recovering between sets.
  • Try not to hog equipment – If someone wants to jump on the equipment during your rest times, let them. It’s a common practice and good gym etiquette.

Keep things simple

Your favorite Instagram model of female athletes might follow a complex program. They might throw in numerous lifts, each one more challenging than the last. For their level of fitness, they probably need it to keep pushing their fitness.

As someone that’s new to the weight room, keep it as simple as you can.

Use just 5-6 exercises each workout for the first couple of weeks. that way, you can practice the basics without over complicating matters.

Here are a few exercises you can use to start your strength training journey:

  • Chest press
  • Leg press
  • Lat pulldown
  • Leg curl
  • Shoulder press


Don’t give in to intimidation

This one might be easier said than done, but the less you care, the more you’ll feel comfortable in the gym.

Honestly, no one’s judging you. If anything they feel as intimidated as you do.

To be honest, in all the times we’ve set foot in the weight room, we’ve never really noticed what anyone else is up to. Real lifters focus only on their own workouts, not anyone or anything else.

You’d be surprised how little anyone really takes much notice when they’re red-faced, short of breath and busy lifting heavyweights.

Finally… just own it

Never forget; you’re a strong female who doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, other than yourself.

Even if you’re out of your comfort zone, use that energy to get a great workout and be the best you can be.

Women deserve to be in that weight room.

Walk into that gym, take a deep breath and just own it.


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