Enjoy Explosive Muscle Growth By Deadlifting Every Day

The deadlift is the king of all workouts. It works more muscles than any other exercise in existence, including the squat. Are we limiting ourselves by only using this majestic motion only once a week? By deadlifting every day, you will guarantee massive strength gains and pack on some serious muscles! Is it easy? Of course not. Is it worth it? Well… 15lbs of extra muscle sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Enjoy Explosive Muscle Growth By Deadlifting Every Day

Deadlift Every Day For Massive Gains

This routine isn’t for the average weightlifter because the average weightlifter wouldn’t be able to handle these kinds of massive gains. Bodybuilders have reported gaining 15lbs of muscle in three months on this deadlift routine, and that’s unheard of.

Have I mentioned strength gains?

Some lifters have reported adding 20lbs to their bench and 50lbs to their squat in a matter of weeks. Since deadlifting is such an inclusive workout, it triggers and stimulates whole-body muscle growth, you will see instantaneous results throughout your whole workout routine.

Stop Being A Follower

“But my personal trainer at Planet Fitness taught me about the dangers of overtraining…”

Let me set the record straight. It is almost impossible to overtrain.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Spartans, they would routinely train from dusk til’ dawn with no rest, no eating, and nothing but an apple a day to develop mental and physical toughness. Not to mention they would also ruthlessly beat each other on a daily basis.

Are you really ‘overtraining’? Nope, just ‘over complaining.’

Enjoy Explosive Muscle Growth By Deadlifting Every Day 2

If you want to look like a Spartan, act like one. You would be amazed at how much sleep, adequate calories, and a dedicated mind can accomplish. Forget about this overtraining BS and get to work.

Muscle isn’t given, it’s earned.

Daily Deadlifting Routine

Monday: Maximum Tension

Start the week off right with 10 sets of eight reps with 135 pounds, taking as much rest as needed between sets. Focus on maintaining a tight body throughout the entire process. Couple this lift with a three-second ascent and a four-second descent for maximum effectiveness.

Tuesday: Maximum Speed

Moving the weight fast and control is the idea here. Pick a weight that’s around 65% of your max weight and focus on performing the reps as fast as you can (without looking like a moron). Go for eight sets of two reps with a three minute rest between sets.

If you are serious about your training, treat each deadlift as if you are pulling your personal record. This will instill the proper form and setup.

Wednesday: Maximum Weight

First, make sure to get those warm-up sets in. We are trying to get stronger, not end up in a wheelchair.

Perform 10 singles with 90% of your max weight, taking three to five minutes of rest between sets.

Thursdays: Maximum Drop

Today, perform one big drop-set!

Start with a weight that is 80% of your max. The key here is to do at least eight sets in this massive drop-set.

Drop your way down until your pride can’t take how little you are lifting. (Example… 225lbs- 200lbs- 175lbs- 150lbs- 125lbs- 100lbs- 75lbs- 50lbs) No breaks, no mercy, we are throwing it all in one big drop-set.

Friday: Maximum Weight

Today we’ll be performing paused deadlifts. Not sure what those are? Deadlift regularly, only pause at mid-shin level for three seconds. Perform five sets of five with about 75% of your max and pause for three seconds at your mid-shin on your ascent.

Perform five sets of five reps of paused deadlifts with about 75% of your max weight. On the way up, pause for 3 seconds at mid-shin level, then pause for another 3 seconds while the weight is slightly above knee-level, then finish.

Take as much rest as you deserve.

Saturday: Maximum Overload

Today we are going to test your mental fortitude. Pick about 85% of your max weight and perform one rep every 30 seconds. Do this for a total of 10 minutes. If this doesn’t ruin your day, nothing will.

Sunday: Maximum Dream

Spend your day off dreaming, and thinking about the gains you will soon have.

This workout program was inspired by Dean Somerset’s T Nation article. 

Congratulations, you’ve made it through week one, now get back to work it’s almost week two!

I made it 104 days.. How far can you make it?

Deadlift on ladies.


Source: spotmegirl.com

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